What is the West Virginia Mothers and Babies Support Program?
How will the West Virginia Mothers and Babies Support Program be managed?
What organizations are allowed to participate?
What are the specific eligibility requirements for Pregnancy Help Organizations to participate?
How do Pregnancy Help Organizations receive program funding?
What services and goods qualify for reimbursement?
What organization activities and costs are not eligible for reimbursement?
Are participating organizations allowed to bill for services performed by other individuals or organizations that the organization refers clients/patients to?
When and how can an organization apply to participate in this program?
When and how will the reimbursement process begin?
Are there any other requirements to be in this program?
Does the Mothers and Babies Support Program require clients/patients to be West Virginia citizens or residents?
What additional requirements does the WVPCC require?
What happens if program funds run out?
What assistance can WVPCC provide us?

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this document is current as of November 17, 2023, and is subject to changes and modifications by either the WVPCC or the State of West Virginia.